Welcome to LymeForward

LymeForward is the local area strategic partnership for Lyme Regis, Charmouth, Uplyme and the surrounding area. LymeForward and other LAPs are part of the West Dorset Partnership.

The Partnership encourages local people, groups and organisations to work together for the good of the whole community. Through consultation and mutual support we aim to improve our community's economic and environmental sustainability. This is your chance to have a say in the future of your town, to get involved in delivering solutions - and to have fun!

As part of our cost reduction programme, we have moved into a shared office at the top of the Town Mill building. Our new telephone number is 01297 441224. We will be changing our email to a lymeforward.co.uk address soon.

The minutes from our March meeting are now available here.

Our next quarterly meeting will be at 2pm on Thursday June 9th 2016 in The Woodmead Halls, Lyme Regis.  

Latest News

Our next Health and Wellbeing meeting will be at the Medical Centre on Monday May 16th at 2pm.

This is our first H&W meeting for over a year and we plan actions and activities around CCG consultation, PPG liaison ans local issues.

Local Area Partnership

West Dorset District Council have agreed to fund Local Area Partnerships for at least another 12 months; they will be contributing £6000 which for us is a reduction of £5000 per annum. LymeForward have entered into a new agreement with WDDC to deliver community planning.

Lyme Regis Town Council have agreed to fund LymeForward for the next 4 years at £15000 per annum. This will enable LymeForward to continue to deliver support to the local community. We are currently negotiating a new agreement with LRTC to deliver community development.

Coastal Community Team (CCT) News 

Lyme Regis has won nearly £60,000 from the Coastal revival Fund, bid for under the CCT proccess. As a result our Marine Theatre now has a new roof, the Hub has new windows, the Coastwatch team move into the Napolean lookout in Charmouth and the Town Mill have completed their feasibility study.

Our Economic Plan is now written and submitted to the DCLG. Please continue to send any comments to adrian@lrdt.co.uk 

Thank you

LymeForward Meetings for 2016 :   

 Our next meetings are on 

                                                     Thursday 9th June 2016 

                                                     Thursday 8th September 2016

                                                     All at 2pm, Woodmead Halls, Lyme Regis

                                                     Everyone is very welcome to attend



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